Holiday Time 2013

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It’s holiday time, once again. Seems like it just sneaks up on us every year!

Been busy with rehearsals for Miracle on 34th Street being brought back for another season at Seven Angels Theater in Waterbury. Once again, I will play the lovable district attorney Thomas Mara who contends that, “…Anyone who thinks he’s Santa Clause is not sane!” It’s a great cast and crew with some newcomers and some veterans from last years production.

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Season’s Greetings

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Time hastens on…so, according to the time-worn saying, I must be having fun. And, actually… I am!  The end of 2012 and I finished playing Froggy in The Foreigner  at the beginning of December. Then it was on to playing the DA, Thomas Mara, in Miracle On 34th Street – The Musical at Seven Angels Theater in Waterbury. This was a “step-in” role as I joined the cast in the 3rd week of the run.

Some recent audio drama releases include Burying Uncle Gustav at Misfits Audio  and Borrowed Time from Sonic Society’s Electric Vicuna Productions


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What’s new?!

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It was a great summer with two very well received shows at The Gary-The Olivia Performing Arts Center
I had the privilege of appearing as T. John Blessington in The Solid Gold Cadillac and as Captain Brackett in South Pacific

Next up is the role of Froggy LeSueur in The Foreigner by Larry Shue at Clockwork Repertory Theatre, opening in November.

I continue in my struggle to finish the audio book Captain Hazzard and the Python Men of the Lost City for  Ron Fortier’s Airship 27 Productions. Take a moment to browse Ron’s site! What fun awaits you!

In addition to all of that, pre-production work is underway for another great audio drama from Mike Murphy, The Writing On The Wall, expected to be up at Harvest Audio Productions in the not-too-distant future.

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Busy.. as usual !

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Busy – busy – busy !  My thanks to Samantha Mason and Matthew Boudreau of Aural Stage Productions…   Along with wonderful actress Gyda Arber, we recorded Confessions of a Chat Room Romeo.

Work continues on an audio book for Airship 27 …. a laborious undertaking!  Someone recently commented that recording a 300 page book takes forever! Well, not quite… but close!!

  Ed, by Mike Murphy is now at Harvest Audio.
Ed has been nominated for a Parsec Award!

Recently completed work on QUARTET and Burying Uncle Gustave, both by Mike Murphy.

Oh.. and yes, Julie Hoverson! I’d love to play an inanimate object in one of your creations !

For voice samples, click on the STUDIO link above.

Working on Word Search, to be released this fall at Harvest Audio.

Recently closed a great run of The Solid Gold Cadillac at The Gary-The Olivia Theater.

The cast from The Solid Gold Cadillac

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Wintertime, and the livin’ is easy.. sort of…

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The above statement is fairly true, unless you begin to think about snow and ice and the travel disruptions it can cause… and then, there’s the cost of oil or gas, etc.

But, why worry about all that. We folks here in southern New England manage to plod along and make it through.

I’ve just been cast in a production at Aural Stage and am looking forward to working with them.

Happy to report that mixing continues on Ed, by Mike Murphy.  Scott Spaulding, best known for his series This Thing of Ours, has signed on for post production chores. Watch for Ed, premiering soon at Harvest Audio

In digging through some (very) old material, I happened upon this great photo of me, interviewing the manager of a home center type of store.  The fellow running the board, doing the mixing chores is old friend Joe Cipriano.  I know he looks bored… but what he’s really thinking is, “…how can I get my hands on that microphone?”  Eventually, he did… and he hasn’t let go since!  Check his website

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Happy Holidays !

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Merry Christmas – Happy Hanukkah!

2011 was an interesting year…   I managed to book  some great VO gigs, and a number of  roles in a variety of audio dramas. This season, I can be heard in Ho Ho Homicide at Misfits Audio. As an added treat, my granddaughter Hailey, has a part. Is she an aspiring actress? Only time will tell. She has one line… and now, months after recording it, she will blurt it out with a prompt of “…are you ready?… Okay… Action!”  Meanwhile, one of my other grandchildren …Ally, continues to dance and sing.  She appeared this month in her second consecutive year of The Nutcracker. Not bad, for a couple of gals who are 3 and 5 years-old respectively.

I just finished a great run of Romance In D at Clockwork repertory Theatre in Oakville, CT.  Directed by good friend Bill Wilson, fellow thespians Jolian Cook, Margaret Mann, Michael Reilly and I, had a wonderful time.  It was great seeing actress Lynn Gorman, who flew up from her home in Florida to see the show!

Here’s Margaret Mann, myself and Mike Reilly …







Me and Jolian in the green room… Yah.. It really IS green!

Busy now with a Mike Murphy script, mixing characters.  Ed  is slated for release at Harvest Audio early in 2012.

As usual, VO samples are available via the STUDIO link at the top of this page.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a terrific new year!

- Joe

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Harvest Audio has arrived!

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Harvest Audio is up and running!

Joe’s Demos are “In the Studio” –  Click the Studio link at the top of the page to listen to commercial demos and more.


The Summer theatre season has drawn to a close. I was very fortunate to have appeared in both summer productions at The Gary-The Olivia Theater.

As Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff in You Can’t Take It With You and as Andrew Carnes in Oklahoma! Kudos to cast and crew of both productions. -Joe

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